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Addiction Professionals of North Carolina [APNC]

We promote the highest standards of professional development and advocate for people working in the field of substance use disorder prevention, treatment, and recovery.

Alcohol/Drug Council of North Carolina [ADCNC]

ADCNC is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization – we operate with support from the NC Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities and Substance Use Disorder Services, the federal National Guard Bureau, and funds from other community organizations and donors.

Community Impact North Carolina [CINC]

To work in partnership with communities to support and create evidence-based practices and education that prevent and minimize the harm of substance use.

Governor's Institute

Improving SUD prevention, treatment, and recovery by providing prevention and treatment practitioners, healthcare workers, and the public access to knowledge and training on evidence based and innovative practices and research.

Healing Transitions - A Place for Recovery

We believe that all people struggling with addiction (especially the homeless, uninsured and underserved) deserve services on demand – as many times as it takes – to find recovery. And we never turn away anyone who’s seeking help. BECAUSE recovery can’t wait.

Recovery Communities of North Carolina

Recovery Communities of North Carolina’s (RCNC) mission is to promote addiction recovery, wellness and citizenship through advocacy, education and support.

SouthLight Healthcare

SouthLight Healthcare has been a trusted provider of quality outpatient substance use and mental health treatment in the Triangle area and beyond for over 50 years. SouthLight’s core values include empowering each individual journey by building skills needed to provide the foundation for sustained recovery regardless of ability to pay. SouthLight offers a safe and supportive treatment environment where individuals can receive comprehensive care, offered with compassion and respect.


We are looking for groups to be a part of North Carolina’s Recovery Village and help us share the great things going on in Prevention, Treatment and Recovery in the Substance Use Disorder Field.